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Five young men teamed up in a rebel of music adorned with the color blue. Paran is a pop idol band made up of five young men whose ages range from 17 to 25. The five members of the band had been living together for 2 years while being trained in singing and dancing. Being fluent in English and Japanese, the band has targeted overseas markets since their debut. Also, all the members have been trained in all areas of musical production from chorus and dubbing to sub-producing. The lyrics to their first hit song “First Love” was written by poet Won Tae Yeon. The song is like the confession of love amongst young teens. The song is well-known for its sophisticated and classy feel in which the voices and talents of all five members of the band are well displayed.

In Paran’s second album “Five Steps” the best gift they received was the opportunity to work with Usher’s music team ‘Gary Haas’. We are looking forward to seeing them as a global group that will be well known all over the world. Danny Ahn and Kim Tae-Woo from G.O.D., Hwang Sung-Jae, Shin Min-Ohk, P.J. and so forth have participated in this album. Paran shows fans a more precocious music and a new image that will show a different color of them.

When Paran first debuted, not many music listeners and watchers approved of them. They were being compared to many other boybands that were debuting around the same time. With their unique way of presenting themselves to the music industry, many people disregarded their music and paid attention to other groups instead. Some people even mentioned that Paran had bad dance skills. However, Paran worked hard to overcome the criticism to be the band they are today.

Paran is the first Korean male group to record a song in Thai. Releasing one of their original hits “First Love” in a Thai version, they have made themselves recognizable not just in Thailand but in our hearts. Recently, they have also sung some of their hit songs in Japanese. Let us all root for the five member global group, PARAN!

 Paran can stand for “PO, Ace, Ryan, AJ and Neo” but it also means “blue” in Korean.

The group unofficially disbanded after members had left for the army and Ryan and Ace released solo singles along with AJ joining U-KISS.


Ryan (Lead vocal)

Name : Joo Jong Hyuk
Birth : 1983.10.19
Blood Type : A
Height : 180 cm
Weight : 68 kg
Education : Chung Ang University ~ Theatre
Debut : 2005
Hobbies : Drive, inline skating
Religion : Christian

Being the most well-known member of Paran from his acting, Ryan does not let that get in the way from the music that is produced with Paran. Juggling between acting and singing, how can he do it? Ryan has the ability to woo some fans off their feet and not just with his singing. Being Paran’s lead vocalist, he is able to divide the music amongst his fellow group members. After all, Paran wouldn’t be Paran without each of these members.

Neo (vocal)

Name : Yang Seung Ho
Birth : 1985.08.22
Blood Type : O
Height : 180 cm
Weight : 66 kg
Education : Seoul Institute of Art
Debut : 2005
Hobbies : Drive, exercising
Religion : Atheist

Neo is what I call the most photogenic of the group. He has a sweet voice that may seem a bit irritating at first to some but it is actually a nice musical addition to Paran. His voice compliments the other members of Paran really well. His voice is sweeter than the others and it makes the group have a variety of singing voices.

Ace (vocal)

Name : Choi Sung Wook
Birth : 1987.02.11
Blood Type : AB
Height : 180 cm
Weight : 65 kg
Education : Graduate Kyung Hee High School
Debut : 2005
Hobbies : Listen to music, game
Religion : Atheist

Ace has a soulful voice that makes him bring out the emotions that are carried out throughout the songs that Paran sings. When Ace sings, it is like he is wearing his heart on his sleeve, showing many listeners and fans that he is passionate about his singing. The way he expresses himself is amazing.

P.O. (vocal and sub-rap)

Name : Lee Su In
Birth : 1987.09.04
Blood Type : A
Height : 185 cm
Weight : 73 kg
Education : Graduate Yang Jae High School
Debut : 2005
Hobby : Walk
Religion : Christian

P.O. has an emotional yet unique voice with his amazing singing abilities. A person’s heart melts when they hear his voice. Although he is superb in singing, P.O. can also rap. His rap is sometimes unexpected because his singing is what makes him shine.

AJ (rap)

Name : Kim Jae Seop
Birth : 1991.06.04
Blood Type : A
Height : 181 cm
Weight : 61 kg
Education : Korea Kent Foreign School, but now Home schooling
Debut : 2005
Hobbies : Computer game, travel
Religion : Buddhism

Debuting at the age of 14 as the sweet and young rapper of the group, AJ has shown many people what a mature young man he is. However, behind the scenes and even in a few music videos, he is able to be the teenager he really is. Although quiet at times, AJ never fails to surprise fans with his rap. Not just can he rap but he has a fairly nice singing voice too.


01 - I Hold My Breath A Moment Still (2005)

02 - Somewhere Over The Rainbow Vol.1 (2006)

03 - Beyond the Blue Sky (2006)

04 - Erexion OST (2006)

05 - The First (2007)

06 - Merry Christmas (2007)

07 - I Am Sam OST (2007)

08 - U.R.M.S (2008)

09 - Forever Loving You (Fanmade)

Notice: Forever Loving You was made by me. I put all the versions of the song that I was able to find in it.

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  1. Thank you so much! I love U-Kiss and now started listening to Paran, and it can be hard to find their songs.

  2. Thank you, dear. Miss Paran so much. One of many underrated groups, who fell through the cracks.